Picture of Cliff FoleyFor Cliff, it all began as a passion for music at the age of 12. Cliff began taking drum lessons from Dave Goodyear who was the drummer for Mantus out of Connecticut. Cliff wound up to be a natural at playing the drums. He's played for a lot of bands over these past years all over the United States. Cliff started managing a few bands, creating ways to get these up and coming artist exposure through the communities including some well-known artists. As cliff worked construction during the day, he worked the streets at night and within three months organized and promoted 42 rap groups.

Cliff selected a handful of these artists to do a Tribute to Biggy Smalls, which included inviting Little Kim and Jr. Mafia to be a guest at this Venue to hear the Artists Cliff had chosen hopefully to create contacts and possibly have signed contracts for the artists. Soon after Joey Welz of Bill Haily and the Comets contracted Cliff. Mr.Welz was impressed by Cliff's passion for new and upcoming artists, also Cliff's management skills to earn these new artists' trust so quickly. Mr.Welz then offered Cliff a Talent Scout position with Caprise International Records that Mr.Welz was the CEO. 

Cliff was given his own division under Canadian American Records for Rock, Rap, and Metal. Cliff has continued using his concepts of getting Artist good exposure. Cliff then decided to pull back his career and design a full-proof way to give the artist some huge exposure, as well as involving the communities which in turn will have them participating in helping Americans, to stay safe, bring awareness to all cultures of people. It will also help children and young adults recognize the importance of honoring all of our Military through the power of music. This has been designed that every single person and entity involved will benefit from, without greed. Cliff spent the last seven years putting this entire venture together through hard work, the help of various people, and friends. Since September 2018 Cliff has brought his vision to reality, which is the starting of Tricounty Giveback.