How Do We Do It?
With the help of our community we believe through the influence that music has today, and the forever growing heart of the American people, Tricounty Giveback will raise money to aid in the lack of equipment and maintenance of equipment that any and all Volunteer Fire Departments throughout the Country may have. We also run a unique program designed for helping our veterans readjust to life back home, as well as raising funds for Veterans of all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds, awareness, and acknowledgement for volunteer fire departments, veterans, and other charitable organisations in need of funding nationwide. We do this through music concerts, events, auctions, and moreā€¦ Supporting all genres of music. As well as running a unique PTSD, Life skills, and Entrepreneurship program for veterans, families, and 1st responders of all.
How To Help!
Getting involved is easy! Help us raise money for our Brave Volunteer Firefighters by donating what you can, to help keep them safe to keep us safe.
Why Should You Help?
Volunteers risk their lives everyday to save ours and proudly come to our aid with no compensation, very little recognition, and at their own expense for their safety equipment. Your help by donating can and will save their lives and yours.
Who Does it Benefit?
  • Volunteer Firefighters and Departments
  • Families of Volunteer Firefighters
  • American Military and Veterans alike
  • Brain Injury Awareness
  • Each and everyone of us, including YOU!
Why Is It Important?
Throughout our nation, there are many Firefighters that are lacking government funding to purchase safety equipment. No Volunteer gets paid for coming to our aid, and YOURS! Without the help of fundraisers and minimal government help, our volunteers pay out of pocket to purchase their own equipment to keep them and us safe.